S’more Bakery

S’more Bakery was born in 2011 when Sarah began selling her handmade s’mores at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the help of her then-boyfriend, Mike. Four years and many thousands of orders later, Sarah and Mike got married in Brooklyn where their business began and drove cross-country to start life anew in Los Angeles, California, Sarah’s hometown. Now based in Los Angeles, S’more Bakery continues to create handcrafted s’mores and other nostalgic treats.

Sarah & Mike Siebold

Sarah has always loved life in and around the kitchen, especially when dessert is involved.

She enrolled in pastry school at the Institute of Culinary Education in 2010 and turned S’more Bakery into a reality not long after. She attributes her deep love of s’mores to her grandmother’s firepit, the sight of the first many dozens of s’mores she ate as a child. Mike grew up in family businesses and has always been keenly interested in the inner workings of companies. Loving Sarah and everything she baked, Mike jumped at the chance to build something special with her — and to see her pretty much all day.  

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